Dr Joe Williams

Mt Druitt’s Dedicated Dentist

Dr Joe Williams has 16 years of experience in both cosmetic and general dentistry in Western Sydney.

He started his dentistry career as an apprentice in Penrith. He worked while he was studying a Bachelor of Dentistry at the University Of Sydney.

After graduating with honours in 2002, he continued learning and gaining experience under his mentor for a further 5 years.


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The Start of Dr William’s Mt Druitt Dental Clinic

Dr Williams opened Oral Dental Health, his Mt Druitt dental clinic in 2007. He has been transforming his patients smiles ever since.

He is also a proud Western Sydney resident and local dentist who cares immensely for his local community. This care shines through his general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry work.

Dr Williams has always been an avid learner. As such is always keeping up to date with the latest dental technologies, techniques and research with a specific passion for pain free, gentle dentistry.

Pain free dentistry has always fascinated Joe. And the execution of his passion is obvious in his many happy patients that he has served throughout the years.

Dr Williams is honoured by the beautiful smiles that he sees from his patients and their increased self esteem. He loves changing peoples lives, all starting with a smile.


“I know that having a beautiful smile is the first step to happiness, and can make a big impact on a person’s life. That is why I am dedicated to providing all of my patients with a smile that they can be proud of. This, combined with my pain free, gentle dentistry is why I can proudly say that I think that our patients are getting they best dental care in Western Sydney.”


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If you would like to speak to Dr Joe Williams personally about your general or cosmetic dentistry needs then please contact us for more information.


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